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Foster Children in North Carolina are Desperate for Help

The foster care system in North Carolina is teetering on the brink of disaster. The number of children in foster care has ramped up sharply since 2011, however, many agencies that provide for children in foster care report dramatic shortfalls in available families. In some areas, as many as 90% of children in need of foster housing are doomed to remain wards of the state.

We believe that every child should be raised in a loving, nurturing home, and our agency has made a commitment to help make a real difference for foster children in North Carolina who are desperately in need of housing.

Ambassadors for Children

We are proud to announce that Trent & Associates has become a regional affiliate of the #AgentsofChange movement, and we have been recognized as Ambassadors for this important cause. Our plan is to empower foster care children through a series of public and private initiatives intended to open up housing options, heighten child welfare protections, and provide homes for all the kids in North Carolina currently struggling through the foster care system.

We’re going to need help from other concerned people in our community to make this happen.

Help Us Help Them

Put away your checkbook, we aren’t asking for donations. Instead, we want you to help us spread the word about this campaign by inviting your friends, co-workers, family members, and neighbors to visit their nearest Trent & Associates office. We will provide them with a complimentary insurance analysis, and we will make a donation in YOUR name to help support an initiative in your area aimed at improving outcomes for children in foster care.

Every Child Deserves a Home

We can’t make changes this big alone. We need your help. By working together, we can make sure all the children in our great state have a chance at the loving, happy home they deserve.


Jason Trent

Trent & Associates

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