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Fostering The Future

In North Carolina, there are about 10,324 children in the foster care system. Children are typically placed in foster care when a child protective services worker and court have determined it is not safe for them
to remain home. This displacement from their family and disruption of their usual routine and familiar surroundings is traumatizing for many children.

At Trent & Associates, we know that raising children with love, kindness, and proper parental guidance are the building blocks for successful and fulfilling adult lives. We want to ensure that all children, from toddlers to teens, are cared for, enriched, and empowered. Children in foster care need strong relationships with caring adults, a network of social support.

The children’s homes in our area are doing amazing work with less fortunate children, and we are proud to continue our support of their worthy cause. Please join us as we empower our youth and enable them to succeed! How can you help?

Refer a friend! For every friend you send to our agency for a quote, we will be donating $10 on your behalf to children’s home’s in our Community!