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Auto and Business Insurance in Brevard NC

218 Rosman Hwy
Brevard, NC 28712
Phone: (828) 884-2440


Trent & Associates has been serving North Carolina from its original location since 1927. Our particular branch has been serving Brevard, NC for years. Our current staff of 15 possesses over 150 years’ experience. Several staff members, including Emily, Amy, Jessica, and Tyler, are from the Brevard area. We are active in the Brevard Chamber of Commerce and participate in many Transylvania County events, festivals, and organizations. We are strong supporters of both Brevard Blue Devils and Rosman Tigers athletics. And, we proudly support the Charlie Bagwell Scholarship Foundation.

From the music festivals to the breathtaking land and waterfalls perfect for outdoor activities, we love our hometown. What’s most important to us, though, is making sure that we help protect the people that make Brevard what it is. That’s why make it our goal to develop relationships with individuals in our community that reveal insurance and financial needs and allow us to provide for those needs with customized solutions.

Insuring Your Brevard Home, Vehicle, Restaurant, Convenience Store, Farm, or Small Business

We insure contractors, restaurants, farms, wholesalers & distributors. We also insure the locally owned, “main-street” businesses that make our town what it is—auto repair shops, convenience stores, restaurants, and more. Our relationship with Nationwide Insurance lets us provide you with some of the best commercial coverages available.

As a local agency in Brevard, we know where you’re coming from. Our business and our families face the same insurance concerns that yours do. As a result, we have first-hand experience on how to use insurance to protect what’s important, and we have the industry knowledge that allows us to know the best way to protect it.

We also offer a full line of personal insurance products that provide the perfect complement to your business insurance needs, including home and auto insurance packages. Caring for all your insurance needs under one roof lets us understand your business and your family. That understanding helps us to better protect both.

We don’t close our office for lunch. In our small community, this really makes a difference and is very convenient for clients who work and cannot get into the office during regular business hours. Our clients have told us that our availability for walk-ins and calls at this time is a service they greatly appreciate. With an office team of 15, someone is always available for you. After hours, we have 24/7 service and claims through Nationwide and many other companies we represent.

Our service doesn’t end with insurance. As a member of our community, we want you to know that you are always cared for by your friends at Trent & Associates. If you have any questions about your insurance, whether it’s with us or not, please don’t hesitate to contact an agent today.